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Cheyanne Powell launched her pathway in the music industry after graduating from Michigan State University with a degree in interior design. She worked artist relations and design for large scale events such as Tortuga Music Festival, Okeechobee Music Festival, Electric Forest, Kaaboo Del Mar, and many more while touring the states.

Relocating to Los Angeles, she took the next step toward her goals of artist and event management where she worked with a roster of electronic artists while building her own. She also worked for an experiential marketing and branding company within the festival space assisting with partnerships for festivals in the U.S. While working in the business side of things, she was also a music journalist for 3 years before transferring into a publicist position. Redirecting her to Denver, she was able to take all of these experiences and parlay them into a booking position at Madison House.

Powell now represents artists for PR and Management.

"It's bigger than just music to me. It's about making an impact and building a movement with the artists and teams I get to work with. It's the legacy we're creating together that gives inspiration to the generations to come." -Powell  

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