Branding, Livestream, Social Media, Marketing, Booking - May 2020

We targeted artists that are in the current market, giving a voice to the underground and independent electronic and pop space while giving back to the music industry during COVID. ​

When live music was abruptly paused due to COVID-19, we looked for a way to provide a platform for artists to keep their music alive from the safety of their homes. In addition, we worked with partners and campaigns that were also focused on giving back. 

Our role was to create the scope and execute the project by running the entire backend of the stream. While connecting with managers and artists, we built out our roster, sent out all PR, handled all artwork, assets and marketing, figured out logistics and streaming with OBS on the back-end to fit our branding, and launched the stream via Twitch. Our team handled all operations, marketing, and design scopes of this project with zero commission. 

Visual Artists

Juan Camilo Egea

Kelsie Hoffman

Liam Jordan 

Linda Loh

Santiago Messier


Children's Music Fund

Local Human

Sweet Relief 


12 Artists

5 Visual Artists

3 Partners

500+ Viewers

100,000+ Press Coverage


Festival Squad


Run The Trap