Building Your EPK

What is an Electronic Press Kit?

An EPK, electronic press kit, is a media kit filled with marketing and promotional materials that provide information about you as an artist. You send these out to a variety of people including talent buyers, managers, agents, and publishers.

As an artist, it’s important to have an EPK because it’s a quick overview for all of your accomplishments. It’s a promoting piece for you to express why you are who you are and where you’re going.

But WTF goes into your EPK? Greeeeat question.

I get this one a lot. “I want it to look professional but I’m not sure what goes in there, and I don’t even know if I have enough information”.

The good thing to note about an EPK is it’s always changing. It’s okay to start with something small and add to it as time goes on. This is what you should be doing anyway.


Here are some main points that you should include inside your EPK, even if you’re a new artist just starting out:


Include a short bio explaining who you are, where you’re from, the style of music you create, where you’re inspiration stems from, and occasionally 1-3 highlights of your career if you can. Do NOT make your bio extremely long. Allow your viewers to read it quick enough where they understand who you are.


Include pictures and videos. These should highlight you in your zone whether that’s performing a show, inside the studio, or press shots. Anything that shows proof that you’re out there hustling, performing, and building your music career.


Always and I mean ALWAYS include links to your music. This is your whole purpose. I always suggest highlighting a few of your top hits and linking them. If your stream numbers are high, I recommend adding the streaming number next to the song for promotion as well.


If you’ve been able to perform at shows, I’d list these. If you have a residency, I’d list this as well. Highlight venues/locations that you’ve performed at so agents understand what your market is.


This one may or may not be optional depending on the coverage you’ve had up to this point. If you’ve been covered in any press/publication, it’s good to link this. It shows to your viewers that you’re able to market yourself and get noticed by publications.


Always add your contact info. Include your email and a link to all of your socials.

If there are any specific things that you’ve done for yourself, I’d add those too. Maybe you started a podcast, you’ve hosted your own event, been on radio, etc. Highlight anything that’s going to allow you to stand out to your viewers. Your goal is to promote yourself so people want to work with you.

An EPK can be 1-2 pages or it can be 4-6 pages depending on your layout and info. However, make it readable so whoever you’re sending it to does not have to spend a long period of time reading through it. Include high quality photos and an aesthetically pleasing layout that relates to your brand.

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