Why Brand Identity is Important

Brand identity is the elements of a brand such as color, design including logo and typography, and a certain aesthetic that relates to your brand.

Successful brands have a clear image of what their brand identity is. This means having consistency throughout their platforms including branding, packaging, artwork, socials, digital design, etc. What makes a brand stand out from thousand of others is having a full understanding of who they are, who their audience is, and how their brand identity effectively communicates their product and/or service to their target audience.

Where to begin when creating your brands identity?

Begin with building out inspiration. Grab colors, images, textures, shapes, and layouts of other designs you enjoy and create a mood board. From there, draw specifics of what your brand must include and start building out your vision.

Here are 3 things you should include:


A logo represents your brand through an image/graphic. It's a good idea in 2020 to have a number of versions that are responsive to different sizes and dimensions) It's a symbol that is used to promote and identify who and what your brand is. Every brand should have a logo that they use throughout their product and service.


Typography is the art or procedure of arranging type or processing data and printing from it (Hollie Arnett, 2018). This is extremely important so your brand is effectively communicating information to your audience. The style of your typography will relate to the voice of your brand and will often be used hand-in-hand with your logo.

Color Palette

Deciding on a specific color palette is going to allow your brand to be unique and aesthetically pleasing. Typically a palette ranges between 3-6 colors that fit well together. A good starting point is pulling colors directly from an inspiration image. Use these colors on your socials, graphics, marketing materials, packaging, etc.

The purpose behind a strong brand identity is being able to be recognizable to your audience while staying true to your product or service. When your branding is concise and narrowed down to a focused aesthetic, you’ll appeal to your audience on a greater scale. It’s always important for your audience and ideal client avatar to know exactly who you are and what you do and this starts with a solid, recognizable brand identity.


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